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better blogs

Here are some sites I keep bookmarked.


finding the frame
upload your video and get real feedback from the pros. it’s free and it’s a great tool.


this site is a great resource for digital storytelling technology. one of my favorites.

not updated very often, but good stuff for videojournalists.

hand held hollywood
gear and technology reviews for digital filmmakers.

reviews and inspiration for digital filmmakers.

dslr film noob
one of my favorites. reviews for dslr gear and filmmaking tech. make sure to check his youtube channel as well.

chris weatherly
filmmaking gear reviews.

video journalist today
good site for news, reviews, and ideas for vj’s.


columbia journalism review
a “wall street journal” approach to what’s going on in the journalism industry.

10,000 words
“where journalism and technology meet”

journalism 2.0
trying to figure out what’s next for the news industry.

news about new — and old — media.


yes, seriously. for random image-based inspiration, pintrest rarely fails me.

pick a video. any video. vimeo has some great content to inspire (and challenge) you.
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