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adobe story is not an option


I heard a screenwriter raving about Adobe’s screenwriting tool, Adobe Story. I use GoogleDocs to store and edit the scripts for my video projects, but I’m always looking to see if a new tool can do a better job.

Adobe Story comes free with CS5.5 Production Premium, so I opened it and tried it out.

The logo looks happy. The experience was not.

I watched a few tutorial videos that popped up. I created an account, signed in, and uploaded a Word document containing the script for a promotional video I’m working on. Good Lord.

All line breaks were removed. Pressing “enter” didn’t didn’t add a line break, either.

The text didn’t continue from one page to another. Instead, it disappeared into the bottom margin of the first page.

I considered using the service solely to store and share documents. So I downloaded the iPhone app to my phone. I signed in and clicked on my script.

“This document is not compatible for this device.”

I know very little about screenwriting, so I’ll blame it on that. In any case it’s [happily] back to GoogleDocs for me.

Sorry I ever doubted you, GoogleDocs.
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  1. sem permalink

    why don’t you share your experience here ?

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